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Tag: Literature

Teens seeks to use WattPad novels for Filipino subjects in Highschool

Most of us are familiar with the names of Efren Abueg, Rogelio Sikat, Genoveva Edroza Matute. They’re some of the well-known writers in our Filipino books. But just like the quote ‘Only change is permanent’, it looks like a group of teenagers wanted to change our books. A group of WattPad fans seeks to replace... Read More »

Marcelo to receive 3 awards. Discover why!

The author of two best-selling novels “Para sa Broken Hymen” and “Para sa Hopeless Society”, Marcelo The Turd, will receive 3 prestigious awards from different organizations. The famous author will receive the follow awards. Creative Writer of the Year, to be awarded by Sarcastic Youth for Emerging Talents The title of “Youth Inspirer” for his... Read More »