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BIR wants to impose 25% “Pinoy Pride Tax” on Manny Pacquiao

Just as everyone expected, the Bureau of Internal Revenue announced today that they are planning to impose 25% Pinoy Pride Tax on Manny Pacquiao’s prize. According to some sources, Manny Pacquiao will earn at least 25 Million Dollars on his last fight against Chris Algieri.

The BIR explained that people like Manny Pacquiao will serve as an example to everyone to pay their taxes properly, and as a modern hero, he should not resist to this plan. In an interview with BIR’s spokesperson Atty. Cory Rapt, she explained that the government wants at least 6 million dollars of Pacquiao’s prize pool (260 Million Pesos).

Pacman vs Taxman Meme

Pacman vs Taxman Meme

And how come the BIR came up with these numbers that are higher than his estimated income? The BIR said in the announcement:

“Lingid sa kaalaman ng lahat mayroong batas ang Pilipinas tungkol sa Filipino Pride Tax, kung saan magkakaron ng karagdagang tax ang mga Pilipinong magbibigay karangalan sa bansa”

“Many are not aware that the Philippines has a law about Filipino Pride Tax, wherein anyone who has brought pride and glory to the country will receive additional tax” Kim Henares said

“Dumagdag pa sa computation ng kanyang tax ang nakaraan nyang issue kung saan legal na madadagdagan ang tax nito kapag sinubukan nitong takasan ang kanyang responsibilidad, at syempre kaunting balato narin sa mga empleyado”

“His recent issues also increased his total tax, it is legal [in the Philippines] for someones tax to exponentially increase if s/he tried to escape his/her responsibilities, and of course let’s add to the computation a small give away to the employees” She jokingly added in BIR’s official statement.

There are still no words from the Champ’s side but this will definitely spark an outrage among the netizens.

Teens seeks to use WattPad novels for Filipino subjects in Highschool

Most of us are familiar with the names of Efren Abueg, Rogelio Sikat, Genoveva Edroza Matute. They’re some of the well-known writers in our Filipino books. But just like the quote ‘Only change is permanent’, it looks like a group of teenagers wanted to change our books.

A group of WattPad fans seeks to replace the short stories on our Filipino Textbooks, they said that WattPad novels is the modern way of teaching literature to highschool students. The group named Literary Artists’ for New Dogma International started the idea in their Facebook Page. In their statement, they brag that they can see the future of our educational system where every teen knows about the basics of relationship. They justified that there’s nothing more Christian than being able to love at a very young age.

Young people trying to push WattPad in highschool textbooks

Young people trying to push WattPad in highschool textbooks

The idea gathered both supports and criticism from experts. According to WattPad expert Nacar Elate, this is a bold move to strengthen the educational system in the Philippines. In his statement, he claimed that WattPad Novels should be read by all highschool student, this will help them understand the world especially when it comes to dealing with heartbreaks.

The Concerned Parents and Citizens Association gave this movement a thumbs down, they claimed that most WattPad novels are just thrash and should be given to garbage collectors not to highschool students. In their official statement, they said that they are ready to launch another signature campaign to ban WattPad just like what they did to Clash of Clans.

In a survey conducted by Purse Asia International, it is estimated that 1 out of 15 highschoolers visits WattPad regularly. A relevant study shows that 45% of teen WattPad users are teenage parents, which suggests that WattPad introduces maturity and responsibility to its readers. According to the International Group of Literary Experts, WattPad novels are world-class in terms of content, they even compared it to Rizal’s El Filibusterismo.

Currently, the hashtag #WattPadForHighschool has been circulating over the internet to show support to this movement. For those who are against it, the hashtag #SaveLiteraturePH has been launched by a group of anti-wattpad netizens.

Filipinos top the global ranking of most gullible internet users

With the recent trend in satirical news, there’s no doubt that Filipinos are one of the most gullible people in the Internet. Some even say that even a poorly written satirical article will receive hundreds of thousands of views just because of the title. Mr. Onin Ong, an IT Specialist, said that most of these people share something even if they haven’t read the article yet because of the title and that the internet marketers use this loophole to create useless things to go viral for some moment of time.


The Statistics

NetData International, a company that studies all kinds of data in the Internet, has shown that Filipinos are the most gullible in terms of satirical articles. Their data reveals that majority of shares from satirical articles are coming from the Philippines. They also noted that more than half of these articles are written by Filipinos. In conclusion, these writers know this weakness among their countrymen and they exploit it to gain money through advertising.

Most gullible countries based on satirical articles shared and written

Most gullible countries based on satirical articles shared and written

The data above shows that Philippines is the top producer of satirical articles in the Internet and also the major contributor to the their virality. Second is India whose contribution is less than half of the Philippines. According to NetData social media experts, this data signifies that most Filipino internet users either share an article they haven’t read or understood or they just can’t distinguish satire from legitimate news.

The list below are just some of the most popular satire articles that circulated the internet:

Jinggoy Estrada arrested at US airport after trying to smuggle money
Philippines banned from beauty pageants for the next two years
Mang Kanor’s death has been confirmed
Dota Players bet their girlfriends on mini-tournament for fun

Most recently, another satire article circulated the Philippine cyber web and even made some noise in the national television. An article claiming that a group of concerned parents has organized a massive signature campaign to ban the popular game “Clash of Clans” has gathered hundreds of thousands of views, shares and even hundreds of hashtags on Facebook and Twitter.

Filipinos are known to be one of the happiest people on earth, so it’s not a surprise if we will receive #ProudToBePinoy hashtags on this news.

WATCH: Woman attacked an MMDA constable

Edwin Girimbao and Roslyn Garcia were arrested last Monday (November 17) at C5 Road corner Green Meadow Avenue, Barangay Bagumbayan, Quezon City. The live-in partners allegedly attacked an MMDA Traffic constable after they were stopped for improper dress code, Edwin was riding a motorcycle in shorts and slippers only.

The live-in partners had a heated argument with the MMDA constable after they were stopped, they said they were being picked out by the constable. In their defense, they said that there are other motorists too who are not wearing the proper dress code.

However, instead of complying with Servando Gesta, the MMDA constable, they decided to attack and use their helmet to beat the MMDA constable, they even warned to run over him. Luckily, another traffic constable Santiago Geraldo took a video of the incident, which becomes a solid proof for the physical attack of the couple.

Santiago explained that he took the video to use against the couple in case they decided to contest the said incident.

Another man, Arturo Son, took some photos of the incident right after Roslyn decided to beat Gesta with her helmet, when the couple found out what Arturo is doing, they also attacked him. Arturo’s photos are clear evidence that they attacked the MMDA constables.

In an interview with GMA News, the live-in partner explained that their rage was caused by the constable’s biased actions, and together with the act of taking video and picture of the event. They also said they are open for public apology for what they did.

They are currently detained for Direct Assault and Physical Injuries, but they are set to bail out soon. Watch the video below by GMA News


Marcelo to receive 3 awards. Discover why!

Para sa Hopeless Society

Para sa Hopeless Society

The author of two best-selling novels “Para sa Broken Hymen” and “Para sa Hopeless Society”, Marcelo The Turd, will receive 3 prestigious awards from different organizations. The famous author will receive the follow awards.

Creative Writer of the Year, to be awarded by Sarcastic Youth for Emerging Talents

The title of “Youth Inspirer” for his inspirational quotations and writings such as “Maikli lang ang buhay para mag-Maria Clara mode” (Para sa Broken Hymen, p.26). The award will be given by Bataan University’s Samahan ng mga Edukado at Talentado

Last but not the least, he will also receive the “Quotation of the Year” award for his inspirational quotation “Pakatatag tayo ah” to be given by Philippine Union of Young Egoistic and Talentless Anti-Intellectuals

Philippine Union of Young Egoistic and Talentless Anti-Intellectuals’ spokesperson Atty. Nacar Elate said in an interview, “Mr. Turdy is truly a great writer with the ability to inspire hundreds of thousands of youth with just two books. I can’t imagine what Rizal will say if he’s still alive today. My daughter always shares his posts about love and all I can say is that, I hope she can find her ‘forever’ when she turns 12 this coming December.”

The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is also considering to give Mr. Turdy the title of “Captain of #TeamCheesus” for his unquestionable contribution to the Christian faith.

In an online poll about Marcelo’s inspirational ability, it shows that he inspired a large portion of our youth. One teenager said in the comments “Malaki po ang pasasalamat ko kay Sir Marcelo, dahil po sakanya na-realize ko na dapat mag inhale at exhale kapag may problema”, another curious reader said “I don’t even know him and I haven’t read any of his books, but all I can say is he’s doing a great job by inspiring millions of teens to chase their love and forget about their education, diploma can’t give you a love life anyway.”

Purse Asia's Survey on Marcelo The Turd's Influence

There’s always an antagonist to everything, and one of his haters said “Why would you give awards to this author? He’s slowly killing our literature, giving false hopes to our teens and even goes as far as putting his fans into deep delusion that one of them committed suicide. I personally think his brother, Marcelo Santos IV is better than Marcelo The Turd!”, the hater explained.

This Taiwanese girl is too cute and sexy for her work

In just some days, an unheard taiwanese girl becomes an Internet sensation after her sexy video making some ice cream crepe circulated the Internet. The girl is popularly known as Ms. Crepe, she’s from Taipei’s Songshan District where she sells ice cream popiah’s. The picture below was taken more than a year ago.


Ms. Crepe in a stunning view


Ms. Crepe makes the netizens go hungry (for Ice Cream), in fact the original article from FHM already gathered more than 30,000 shares and possibly thousands to millions of views.

She and her inhuman crepe-making skill has been featured in national TV, and we are definitely sure that she’s too cute and hot to be a vendor, a covergirl maybe? I mean Please?

The amateur video below shows the hot Ms.Crepe making some Ice Cream for you.

UPDATE: 500K signatures more and CoC will be banned in PH. Find out why

Just several days ago, a news broke out that a group of people called “Concerned Parents and Citizens Association” launched a nationwide signature campaign to ban the popular strategy game “Clash of Clans” in the Philippines . Naturally, Clash of Clans players showed their disappointment and rage over the internet, the article gathered more than 100,000 shares of both supporters and disappointed netizens.

Clash of Clans Player’s Reaction

Thousands of players expressed their disgust with this news, most of them agreed that the campaign is a shallow issue and that there are far more important things to protest in the Philippines such as the ever rampant corruption of government officials. Most of them shared it with curses while some gave their reasonable explanation on why they shouldn’t ban it.

One CoC player said that maybe these parents are just really bad in terms of parenting, some even criticized the Pastor’s statement saying it’s just an excuse. One angry player even said this in his status update.

Angry Clash of Clans Player Status Update

Angry Clash of Clans Player


Anti-Clash of Clans Suporters

While the players are completely against this campaign, there are still thousands of concerned citizens who supports it. Most of them are parents with a son or daughter who’s already addicted to this game (and maybe some are pissed off when they ask for their credit card to buy gems). To further increase the scope of the movement, they created a facebook group named “Parents against Clash of Clans PH”, and they already have a whooping 154,000 members as of writing this article. But some parents may have crossed the line by limiting the freedom of their children, such as the screenshot below where a parent disconnected the internet so as to prevent his son from playing the game.

Facebook Group for Anti-CoC

For those who are not aware, Internet Access is now a basic human rights according to the United Nations, which means it’s as important as food and water now.

The Experts

According to Mr. Bao Loon, a Malaysia-based IT Expert, the gameplay of Clash of Clans has several benefits and downsides. The strategic nature of this game and the “Clan” features promotes intensive cooperation among players, but the existence and power of gems in the game might force children to spend too much money just to win. He also noted that smartphones will be used almost everytime just to raid, train and upgrade which means the battery life of your smartphones will be weaker as you play this game, unless of course you have an amazing battery.

On the other hand, Dr. Cabrera is disappointed that he received hundreds of clan invitations but most of them are not worthy to join for. He said that his account has a Lvl. 10 Town Hall and he’s spending thousands every month to buy gems so he needs a stronger clan to join. For those who are interested, here’s his number: 09175077305

Going back to the topic, Dr. Cabrera said that these parents might be exaggerating this event, it’s normal for someone to be addicted to this kind of games, but for someone to reduce their productivity and social life is already a bit extreme. He said that it’s possible that they are experiencing an event called ‘observer-expectancy effect’ where someone who wants to prove something will try to find evidence even if it doesn’t exist (examples are the constellations or backmasked songs).


A Congressman who doesn’t want his name to be publicized yet is already thinking to support the cause, he says that if the campaign gathered 1 Million signatures then he himself will push a bill that will ban strategy games in the Philippines. The campaign already raised more than 500,000 signatures and counting.

Show your support by using the hashtag #DontBanCoCPH

Don't Ban CoC PH Campaign

Use the hashtag #DontBanCoCPH to show your support

SHOCKING: ISIS beheads children in front of their parents

Abu Abdullah, a former bodyguard of Saddam Jamal. Abu Abdullah revealed that he is a former drug dealer before joining the Free Syrian Army (FSA) then eventually to ISIS.

In an interview, he stated how cruel Jamal is, there was a time when Jamal forced a mother and father to watch as their children are being beheaded by the ISIS Militant.

He also added that they beheaded the boys according to their height, then hung their heads in the door of the school where the family has been captured.

In Abu Abdullah’s perspective, Jamal doesn’t care about Islam as he only cares is to be powerful in fact, if a stronger group emerges there’s no doubt that he will join it along with other ISL militants.

It is believed that Jamal is the second in command when it comes to IS military affairs.

According to Abu Abdullah, IS fighters are full of hypocrisy that they will beat up and punish a civilian for smoking, but they themselves are recklessly smoking.

The bodyguard revealed that another “emir” used his 8-year old son to slit the throat of an enemy. He hold his son’s hand and killed the man.

Signature campaign to ban Clash of Clans in PH

In an effort to fight the addiction of millions of players, the Concerned Parents and Citizens Organization launched a nationwide signature campaign to ban the popular strategy game called Clash of Clans. Millions of players worldwide are now addicted to this mobile game that it already reduced their productivity and damaged their social life.




A parent of a Clash of Clans player said, “My son requested me to buy a pocket wifi, he said he badly needed it then I discovered that he uses it in school so that he can loot even in school, his grades dropped from A- to C+ because of this game”.

One Pastor even said, “I think this is the work of the devil, this game diverts our youths attention, so instead of going to Church they will just play the game, one kid even asked me to pray for his clan”

Is Abra and Julie Anne atheists?




As of writing this article, the nationwide signature campaign already gathered 50,000 signatures and counting, the movement aims to gather at least 1,000,000 signatures.

Clash of Clans players has a mixed reaction on this campaign, one addicted player said “I hope they can make it stop because I can’t stop myself from looting other base, so if the game will be banned then I will be forced to stop”.


A Clan leader said in an interview, “I think these people are just frustrated Clash of Clans player, maybe their leader doesn’t have gems anymore that’s why they are doing this, I seriously hope they will stop doing this because we have an upcoming clan war”

We also asked the opinion of a psychologist on this matter, Dr. Cabrera explained that, “It’s normal for people to be addicted with these kind of games, first because the game shows the most powerful players so people will like the idea of getting recognized.”, Dr. Cabrera is also looking for a clan, for anyone who’s interested, just text him at 09175077305.

Let us all use the hashtag #DontBanCoCPH to stop this madness, as this Ban Clash of Clans in Philippines Signature Campaign already gathered 500,000 signatures as of this moment.

Don't Ban CoC PH Campaign

Use the hashtag #DontBanCoCPH to show your support

WATCH: Stunning combination of light and dancing

Rainbows, lasers, projectors, shadows and lots of beautiful things that light can do. Then of course we have dancing with different forms such as street dancing, break dancing, folk dance, freestyle and etc. These are two different forms of art that we see everyday, but what if someone combined these two art-forms into one?

Ladies and gentlemen, the japanese did it again! whether you have real love for art or you just want to witness something astonishing, then this video is for you. This performance by Saya Watatani and Maki Yokoyama combines the relaxing art of dancing and the fascinating beauty of light in one breath-taking performance.



In this captivating video, you’ll see the two performers dancing with the light. However it may seem impossible, those lights are not guided by some alien-technology stolen from some secret government experiment. The two dancers can be seen to dance with the song in a very synchronized manner in such a way that the pre-programmed lights looks like as if it’s part of their body.

The video was uploaded last year by enra – motion graphics performing arts and already gathered more than 5 million views ever since it was uploaded, it also received thousands of positive reviews from the viewers.

One commenter even said “This is Enra, a Japanese troupe attempting to combine dance, technology, and light into an unforgettable piece of performance art.”