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These internet-pirates never saw what’s coming to them

Just last year, Greenheart Games their first game entitled “Game Dev Tycoon”. It’s a game development simulation game where the player starts as an independent game maker.

Game Dev Tycoon



However, Greenheart Games already anticipated that their game will be pirated at the very first day of its release.  Greenheart got a very interesting, unique and clever idea to counter these internet-pirates.


The maker of Gave Dev Tycoon had the idea to create another version of the game especially made for pirates. With the help of some friends, they uploaded the “modified” version into the largest torrent site and tricked the pirates to download it.


Pirated Copies vs Genuine Copies


Just as anyone will expect, the modified/cracked version has been downloaded by thousands of users while the only hundreds of users bought the legitimate copy of the game.


The Plot Twist

The developers will not risk their hard work by uploading a copy of the game in a torrent site without an interesting plot twist right? Imagine a game development simulation game where your primary and worst enemy is yourself, or your kind, game-pirates. That’s what exactly happened to those who downloaded the modified version of the game.

Giant surprise for game-pirates


So here’s the interesting part, some hours after playing the game, all users who are using the cracked version will start receiving notification that their game is being pirated. The notification looks like a real in-game feature that they didn’t suspected it at first. But then the event becomes a real problem because as they progress more, the number of pirated copies increases exponentially to the point that they can’t earn any money anymore.


The fun part here is that some users complained about this “problem”, then they quickly realized they are tasting their own medicine. Game-pirates who can’t finish a game development simulation game because of virtual game-pirates, very interesting and clever. Kudos to Greenheart Games for giving these people a valuable lesson.



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