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Korina Sanchez declared as Persona non Grata in Japan

After the statement of Korina Sanchez went viral all over the internet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has issued a memorandum declaring Korina Sanchez as Persona Non Grata in the entire Japan for the following reason. This issue sparked an outrage in the Philippines, Korina Sanchez stated that she wishes that the typhoon... Read More »

‘Bagito’ criticized as bad influence to the youth. Find out why

Bagito is a Television series based on WattPad series written by Noreen Capili. It’s one of the newest teleserye of ABS-CBN, it gathered lots of attention both positive and negative in the past few days. The teleserye features Nash Aguas, Ella Cruz and Alexa Illacad as the main cast.       However, some critics... Read More »

This Taiwanese girl is too cute and sexy for her work

In just some days, an unheard taiwanese girl becomes an Internet sensation after her sexy video making some ice cream crepe circulated the Internet. The girl is popularly known as Ms. Crepe, she’s from Taipei’s Songshan District where she sells ice cream popiah’s.¬†The picture below was taken more than a year ago.     Ms.... Read More »

UPDATE: 500K signatures more and CoC will be banned in PH. Find out why

Just several days ago, a news broke out that a group of people called “Concerned Parents and Citizens Association” launched a nationwide signature campaign to ban the popular strategy game “Clash of Clans” in the Philippines¬†. Naturally, Clash of Clans players showed their disappointment and rage over the internet, the article gathered more than 100,000... Read More »

WATCH: Stunning combination of light and dancing

Rainbows, lasers, projectors, shadows and lots of beautiful things that light can do. Then of course we have dancing with different forms such as street dancing, break dancing, folk dance, freestyle and etc. These are two different forms of art that we see everyday, but what if someone combined these two art-forms into one? Ladies... Read More »

Abra and Julie Anne — Atheists?

Just one month after their song entitled “Dedma” was released, netizens has sparked an outrage on how their new song is diabolical. Many theists commented on their music video on how the song is so Godless, some even claimed that Abra is a member of the Illuminati movement. A youtube comment says Wala Diyos ba... Read More »

WATCH: “You don’t know me” — Kathryn’s newest song

WATCH: “You don’t know me” — Kathryn’s newest songThe famous teen-superstar, Kathryn Bernardo, is now officially a recording artist with the upcoming release of her album. In an interview with ABS-CBN, Kathryn revealed that the album contains six (6) songs in total and some bonus tracks. The 18 year old Teen Queen’s newest song entitled “You don’t know me” was released last Thursday,... Read More »