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This Airline’s Christmas surprise will surely melt your heart

This Airline’s Christmas surprise will surely melt your heart

One night before Christmas, the Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet Airlines decided to give their customers a giant surprise. As they scan their boarding pass in the airport, a Santa appears in the display and asked them what they want for Christmas. The customers of course answered with different things, some said as simple as new socks and underwear, some gave what they really wish for like a big TV or an android tablet.


Little did they know, WestJet Airlines will actually try to fulfill their Christmas wish, as the passengers flew to their destination, the WestJet Airline employees rushed to the nearest stores to buy what they asked, even if it’s cheap or expensive.

Their employees quickly gathered everything in the list and put them in gift wrappers, as the passengers wait for their luggage. WestJet Airlines surprised them with gifts with their names in it. At first they were curious on what the gifts are, some passengers saw their name and began to unwrap their gifts. To their surprise, the gift contains what they asked to Santa some hours before. The other passengers look for their gifts too, and some burst into tears and surprise, as they cannot believe that they’ll actually receive the expensive gifts that they wished for. A kid asked for an android tablet while a mom asked for a new camera.

The happiness of the passengers is unfathomable on those moments, as WestJet Airline says “Miracles do happen, if we work as one”. The Hughes Family cannot believe what they saw as the oversize cargo opens and they saw their new big TV.



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